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Martin van LeeuwenWelcome to my website, which I hope you will share my  interest in cloisonné tiles! My name is Martin van Leeuwen, born and bred in the beautiful, historical town of Delft. For a number of years now, I have been collecting cloisonné tiles, made by the local “PORCELEYNE FLES” factory during the period from about 1907 till 1977. Up to now it is still possible to find a fair number of the produced tiles. At flea markets, people’s homes and recently via different Internet sites. It is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to find the more rare, exquisite specimens.
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March the 6e 2020 I've changed something at this index page. I've removed the sidebar at the right side of this page and instead of that I have inserted a footer downside this page.
The footer has all the information that was at the sidebar!


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Due to the fact that my earlier webprovider isn't anymore - and so my website wasn't available - I had to change to another provider!
To make my site available again with another webname I have to do lots of work. I'll try do fix all as soon as possible!

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After november the 8e my earlier domainname www.cloisonnee.nl  will be available again so - if I want to do - I can replace the site at that domainname!

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 Antique markets Delft

MarktkraamSaterday March the 18e we make a new start for the anyiques- and curiosamarkets beside the canals in Delft
A good reason for visiting our beautiful town! We have a stand near the Old Church at the Heilige Geestkerkhof. Stand 3 from the entrance of the church!

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